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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Disney Family Movie Night- UP!

Tonight's movie night was....Up!!! When we first watched this movie in the theater I was pregnant and couldn't stop crying...I really thought it should have been called down!!! Carl and Ellie's love story is just so touching to me.

For our fun night we started out by earning our own badges much like Russel earns his Wilderness Explorer badges!
Red Badge- this was an art badge they earned by coloring their own version of Carl and Ellie's home.

(Spencer asked for the yellow marker then chose the right one. We tried to trick him by giving him another color and calling it yellow, but he wasn't fooled! Super proud of him!)

Then they each displayed their homes with these balloon displays I made from colorful paper plates. 

Green badge- we talked about ways to be "green" then they all ran around making sure the lights were shut off in rooms we were not using.

Purple badge- they earned this by being helpful around the house. The girls both put their laundry away and Spencer had helped mop earlier in the day.

Blue badge- they earned this badge by playing some balloon obstacle course games which had everyone giggling!

Orange badge- this was earned for kindness shown to another member of the family. 
Sami is wearing a cute button I won from this adorable Etsy shop Parkbound. 

After the activities we watched the movie (I didn't cry this time)...

I blew up some balloons and decorated a little bit with them...

We had dinner last....on the menu:
Doug's hotdogs 
Mr. Fredricksen's fruit salad
Paradise Falls pasta salad
Russell's chocolate bars
Ellie's grape soda 

(I thought those plates looked like balloons!)

The girls have enjoyed meeting Russel and Doug in the past....

At Disney's Animal Kingdom you can become a Wilderness Explorer by completing challenges and earning badges as you work your way around the park!

At Disney's California Adventure you can also earn Wilderness Explorer badges in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail! There are rope bridges, rock walls, and more! 

"Thanks for the adventure...now go have a new one!"

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sleeping Beauty Movie Night

We seem to be on a roll with our movie nights! Tonight we had a "sleep over" themed Sleeping Beauty night!!!

We chose Sleeping Beauty because we will soon be back at Disneyland visiting her beautiful castle!

We started the evening with a few crafts- sleeping masks for the girls and a shield for Spencer (thank you Julie for the "boy" idea!!!) 


They turned out pretty cute I think!!! 

They then went and put on pajamas then made their snack plates. On tonight's menu:

*Spinning wheel snack mix (Honey Comb cereal, white chocolate chips, M&Ms)
*3 fairies wands (pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate with pretzels)
*Forest fruits 
*Pillows (marshmallows) 

They settled in to watch the movie with sleeping bags and pillows! 

After Spencer went to bed the girls painted their nails and used cucumber masks. It was a fun night!!!

We are all looking forward to seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle again! We've met Princess Aurora many times over the years- she's always a favorite! 

Enjoy your families making magical memories- even at home!!! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Aladdin Family Movie Night

It seems that movie nights are back in full swing! This evening we decided to watch....Aladdin!!! Skylar was really excited to wear her Jasmine costume for the fun!

We started the fun by making flying carpets! 

The end products were great....

After that the kids each made 3 wishes which they wrote on "magic" lamps I made on my Cricut...

They then each took turns flying on a magic carpet! Also known as...a beach towel! This was a nice workout for mom and dad! 

On the menu:
Moroccan Shish Kabobs
Abu's monkey bread 
Aladdin's apple juice 
Cave of Wonder's delights (rolos) 
Jasmine's gems (ring pops)


Then everyone settled in on their "carpets" to watch the movie....

We have met Aladdin and Jasmine in the Disney parks a few times....and we are looking forward to seeing "Disney's Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular" at Disney's California Adventure Park!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Family Movie Night- Star Wars

Sami and I made a list of all the movies nights we would like to have- from that list I let her choose our next movie night...and she chose Star Wars! Sami loves the Star Tours ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios and we've never watched the movie! So it was the perfect choice!!!

They started the evening by making Light Sabers- although Skylar keeps calling hers a light SAVER! We used wrapping paper rolls and red and blue tulle. The decorated their handles with markers.

They had a lot of fun playing with their light sabers. 

Next they went on a asteroid hunt which were balls of aluminum foil. After they found all of the asteroids it turned into a asteroid fight when everyone was throwing them everywhere!!! 

We planned to also make galaxy paintings with black card stock and paint but it was getting late an everyone was hungry...so we skipped that activity. 

On the menu:
Princess Leia buns (cinnamon rolls)
Light sabers (grapes on skewers) 
Death Star Donuts 
Yoda Soda (Green Gatorade) 
C3PO Oil (rootbeer)
Ewok Snacks (veggies and dip)

Everyone made a plate and settled in to watch the movie. The little kids did not make it to the end, but Sami is really enjoying it!