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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Disney Family Movie Night- The Haunted Mansion

It has been SO long since we've had a family movie night...the girls have been begging to start them up again....so we have our "to do list" of movies to watch....and we started with The Haunted Mansion! It seemed to be an appropriate choice with Halloween just passing...

The Menu:
Wolverine claws (chicken tenders)
Worms (ramen noodles)
Blood (red Kool-aid)
Madame Leota crystal ball dip (fruit dip) with body parts: eyeballs (grapes), bones (graham crackers), and knuckles (apples)
Haunted Mansion cemetery cups (dirt pudding with gravestones)


The cupcake signs were printed from here.

To get into the spirit of things the kids dressed up in their best "dead" makeup and hair....we also turned off all the lights and lit candles....

For activities we played a memory game I made with Haunted Mansion images (Ghost Host, Master Gracey, Madame Leota, The Bride, Singing Busts, Hitchhiking ghosts, and Haunted Mansion sign).


They also walked a "tight rope" like the portrait of the tight rope walker....

When it was time for the movie all my loves snuggled up on the floor to enjoy the movie....

It was a fun night...Haunted Mansion is rated PG so take note if you choose to watch this with little ones...Spencer (age 2) got sleepy before any of the "scary" parts began, but I think it would have scared him had he made it to the end. 

When we began these movie nights it was with the intention to have some family fun...like most families we have very busy schedules, so it is nice to "schedule" some family time together at home. We choose mostly Disney movies and like to base them off attractions at Disney parks to familiarize ourselves with the stories. 

Haunted Mansion fun fact: There is a version of the Haunted Mansion in every Disney park!

We look forward to visiting the Disneyland version in April! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Disney Family Movie Night- The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a favorite around here! In fact when I was a little girl it was my absolute favorite!!! The girls were so excited for another movie night they dressed up for the occasion!


Sami decorated the table with a conch shell from our cruise, brown sugar “sand”, and an Ariel Pez dispenser! I thought it was very cute!


Dinner was pretty simple. In fact we had similar things on our Finding Nemo night. On the menu:

*Ursula hotdogs

*Shells and Cheese

*Flounder’s goldfish crackers


For dessert everyone decorated their own “zebra fish”. I know it is really stretching it, but I was trying to use things we already had at home. Winking smile


For our first activity we all played “Go Fish” together. It was a lot of fun! Even Spencer wanted to play!


The girls also had a lot of fun crab walking around the house!


(We don’t normally have stacks of Girl Scout cookies laying around the house- they just happened to come in on the same day! Winking smile)

We watched the movie as we sorted cookies for everyone! It was an easy laid back night, but still a lot of fun!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

California Dreamin’ (Part Six)

It was our last full day in the parks, so we geared up in our ears and hit the pavement for our walk to the parks!

Matt spotted this license plate holder in the parking lot of our hotel- I thought it was really cute!

We had vouchers to visit Toontown an hour before it officially opened, so we headed to the back of the park. On our way Sami spotted Merida! And there was NO line!!! She spent a really long time chatting with the girls about her brothers and her horse! It was one of the best character interactions we had all week!




Toontown was very cute, and it made me miss Toontown at Disney World! They had a scavenger hunt activity that took you through all of the houses. It was a lot of fun!


Skylar loved all of the cars! In fact- she had to sit in each of them! And of course she wanted her picture taken in each one!


While I was feeding Spencer a bottle I captured this sweet moment between Sami and Matt…


There are a lot of fun interactive things, so the girls (and Matt) had a lot of fun checking them all out!


On this trip we discovered that Skylar LOVES rides! The faster the better!! She was tall enough for Gadget’s Go Coaster, so Matt took her on it!


When they got off I asked her how she liked it. She said “Oh I LOVE it! I put my hands up and I screamed!!!!”


She rode it a few more times. I think she would have rode it all day!!!

We headed over to Pixie Hollow. It was very cutely themed!


When it was our turn we saw we were meeting Iridessa. She and Sami had a chat about fairies, and Sami told her all about her animal talents. Winking smile She also really liked Skylar’s Tinkerbell shirt.


Matt took the girls to play in Tarzan’s Tree House while Spencer had a bottle. It looked like a lot of fun!


We boarded a boat and took off for on a “two week” Jungle Cruise. Sami thought the corny jokes were really funny! Winking smile


The Tiki Room is one of our favorites at Disney World! At Disneyland the Dole Whip counter is right next to it!! So be sure to grab your Dole Whip before you go in for the show!


We ate lunch at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port. The girls really enjoyed the spaghetti! And playing in this cooling mist!


Sami got in a little pin trading as we entered Innoventions!


There was so much to do and see in Innoventions! I think a few parents were really bored, but all of the science is right up Sami’s alley! There was really a lot to do and see!


There was a big section about health and nutrition. One computer game taught you about the effects of smoking- check out what Skylar would look like if she became a regular smoker!!!


I think one of the neatest things we saw was the smart house! There were computers everywhere! It was very futuristic! The boys bedroom came to life to tell the story of Peter Pan! It was very cool!


Next we took a ride on Nemo’s Submarine Voyage. It was really cute!


Matt took the girls to ride the cars at Autopia. They both received driver’s licenses!


We blasted away on Buzz Lightyear, and Sami pressed some pennies.


We were feeling a bit “snacky” so we loaded up on a few favorites…


Haunted Mansion was all decked out in it’s Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. It was really neat to see!


We spent the rest of the night leisurely enjoying ourselves. We took a train ride around the park followed by a boat ride on Mark Twain’s Riverboat. It had gotten pretty chilly, so I bundled Spencer up with me in my sweatshirt. I can’t believe that shirt used to be snug on me- and now it can wrap around both of us!


We finished the night with a little Main Street USA shopping, and watched the Believe! fireworks one more time. I cried a little as we walked out of the park that night…but as always…it wasn’t goodbye…just see you real soon! Winking smile

We really enjoyed Disneyland Resort, and plan to return in a few years!