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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Movie Night- Monsters, Inc.

 We have been so busy we haven't had time for the movie nights I've had planned....but we have a few weeks left before our trip to get have some fun movie nights!!! Last night we enjoyed a Monsters, Inc. night!

On the menu:
Monster burgers
Celia's hair (french fries) 
Mike Wazowski grapes
Randall's tallons (big fritos)
Sully juice (lemonade died blue)

For dessert everyone made their own doors! We used graham crackers, frosting, and candies to decorate. 

For an activity we built our own monsters from playdough!

I chose this movie because it is one of Spencer's favorites!!! At Disney's California Adventure you can experience "Mike and Sully To the Rescue" which is a really cute ride. I think Spencer is going to love it!

One of my favorite shows at Walt Disney World is The Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom. The jokes people send in are always so funny! It is my dream to have Matt be chosen as "That Guy"...maybe one day!!! I was on screen during a trip with my friend Karen as "the lady who can't believe she is on screen!" It was so funny! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Disney Family Movie Night- Cars

Tonight we had a Cars themed movie night! We started the evening with dinner. On the menu:
"The King" burgers
Mater's Taters (tater tots)
"Mack" and cheese
Dinoco oil (chocolate milk) 

We decorated the table with a black table cloth with yellow stripes to look like a road. Spencer had a lot of fun setting up his Cars "guys" to decorate as well. I also printed road signs to hang in the dining room. 

While I was cleaning up from dinner they played with the cars and had races. 

Next the girls painted with cars. Spencer was more interested in playing cars with Daddy to paint. 

For movie snacks we enjoyed Cozy cone popcorn and Sarge's Survival trail-mix in camo containers!

During the movie we "visited" Ramone's body art studio to get a little pin-striping tattoo. 

We are going to Disneyland Resort in just a few short weeks. Carsland is adorable and themed SO well! I can't wait to be back to see it again! 

At Walt Disney World there is an entire section themed around Cars at Disney's Art of Animation Resort. 

We have had a great time meeting Mater and Lightning McQueen in the past, and hope to see them again really soon!

Friday, March 6, 2015

A Goofy Movie- Disney Family Movie Night

This week's Disney movie night......A Goofy Movie!!! I loved this movie when I was little! We own it, but it isn't one the kids watch very often.

My mom came for the evening to join in on the fun! It was really nice to have her here with us! We started off by coloring pictures of Goofy and Max....

After that we went on a fishing trip like Goofy and Max! We even worked on our "perfect cast", and we caught a bunch of fish! ;) 

The fish are made from card stock. I then punched holes and attached binder rings. The fishing poles were skewers with ribbon and paper clips tied to the end. Magnets work MUCH better for this activity, but I didn't have any so I had to improvise. 

After the fishing fun with was time for dinner! On the menu:

"Hi Dad" soup- alphabet soup
Pizza- just like Max and PJ order
Crackers and Cheez in a can- "It's the leaning tower of Cheez-a!"
Powerline Punch 
Roxanne's rice crispy treats 
Nerds- because Goofy is such a nerd

Next it was time to watch the movie! The kids all enjoyed snuggling with Nana!

I chose this movie because Goofy is such a lovable character!!! There are many opportunities to meet him at Disney parks....

In the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort there is a great introductory roller coaster (minimum height requirement 35 inches) called Goofy's Barnstormer....

At Disney's California Adventure you can enroll in Goofy's Sky School another really fun roller coaster! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Movie Night- Tom and Huck

Tonight's movie night.....Tom and Huck!!!

I chose this movie because playing on Tom Sawyer Island is a favorite spot of ours at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland! There are caves to explore, tree houses to climb in, and pirate gold to discover!!! It is a great place to burn off some energy! I realized the kids didn't know who Tom Sawyer is...so this was a great choice! 
(I told Sami that JTT was the heart throb of many girls when I was little and she thought that was extremely funnyl! Ha!)

We started the evening with a treasure hunt! I made this map with clip art images and scrapbook paper. 

The map led the kids all over the house where they found an envelope at each location. 

After they found all of the envelopes they had to decipher the code to learn what their treasure was....


For the craft we painted fences! No one enlisted the help of their friends...and these were not white washed fences...they were very colorful....

They also glued clouds to their pictures....
Top- Sami
Left- Skylar
Right- Spencer

The menu tonight was a country picnic: fried chicken, potatoes, biscuits...and our treasure....strawberry shortcake!

The weeks are flying by as we count down to our trip!!!